Graffitizer is a series of installations dsdasd that I've created in different iterations, in which drawing machines implement a process that I call GraffitizationThe (computational) process that applies the stylistic principles of graffiti art to computer generated forms.

In this version, a computer program generates abstract forms which are drawn on paper with a (vintage) pen plotter. The coloring is also generated by the same program, and projected over the drawing in real-time while it is executed by the machine. This generates a dynamic and temporary colororing of the permanent traces left by the pen on paper.

The visual effect of the installation and colors depens on the amount of light present in the environment where it is shown. With a darker environment the result is a form of light painting, while in a brighter environment the effect of the projections is ambiguous. As a result it becomes difficult to tell wether the coloring is made by a pigment or by a projection.