This is a series of installations, created in different iterations, where drawing machines implement the process of GraffitizationThe (computational) process that applies the stylistic principles of graffiti art to computer generated forms.

Version 2

A computer program generates abstract forms that are inspired to the drawing process and style specific to graffiti art. The drawing is executed in real-time by a vintage pen plotter and colored by video projections that correspond to the strokes generated by the machine. Light becomes a dynamic painterly medium that is mixed with the permanent marks of black ink, coloring and augmenting the drawing during its mechanical execution.

a video of Graffitizer 3 running:

Version 3

In this version of the installation I explore the use of drips, which are a common characteristic of tags made with a marker. For this reason I built a custom drawing machine that uses a modified pump marker that has continuous supply of ink. The ink flows to the pen causing it to drip, and eventually leaves a permanent trace on the wall on which the machine is mounted.


a video of Graffitizer 3 running:


The installations run controlled by a custom software that allows to easily experiment with different forms of graffitization. The software core is written in C++ and Python.

Generation of a graffitized letter A.